Oxeo Inert Gas Extinguishing System

Oxeo inert gas ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tems util­ize inert gases, such as Argon (IG-01) or Ni­tro­gen (IG-100), res­ult­ing in the re­duc­tion of the oxy­gen con­tent. They are suit­able for pro­tect­ing areas with high-qual­ity yet sens­it­ive equip­ment, where residue-free ex­tin­guish­ing — without the use of water, foam, or powder ex­tin­guish­ing agent — is pre­ferred. Argon and ni­tro­gen are nat­ural com­pon­ents of am­bi­ent air, and non-toxic & non-elec­tric­ally con­duct­ive.

Oxeo Advantages:

+ Ex­cel­lent ex­tin­guish­ing ef­fect even in spe­cial haz­ard zones and in areas with high or con­cealed fire haz­ards
+ Inert gases used are non-con­duct­ive and leave no residues — this makes them ideal for the pro­tec­tion of highly-valu­able and sens­it­ive equip­ment
+ Con­cen­tra­tions re­quired for ex­tin­guish­ing inert gases used are non-toxic and there­fore suit­able for use in areas that are ac­cessed by people
+ Ni­tro­gen and argon are nat­ural com­pon­ents of am­bi­ent air — no harm­ful im­pact on the at­mo­sphere
+ Ni­tro­gen and argon are avail­able al­most every­where — this means, quick and cost ef­fect­ive re­act­iv­a­tion after op­er­a­tion
+ Cost-ef­fect­ive multi-zone sys­tems with ex­tin­guish­ing gas stor­age can be im­ple­men­ted for sev­eral ex­tin­guish­ing zones
+ High de­gree of flex­ib­il­ity for modi­fic­a­tion or ex­ten­sion meas­ures, thanks to the Oxeo stor­age sys­tem
+ Oxeo tech­no­logy en­ables a more com­pact stor­age of the ex­tin­guish­ing agent, re­quir­ing up to 50% less space
+ Con­stant­Flow tech­no­logy en­sures a con­stant flow of the ex­tin­guish­ing agent in the event of a fire — this per­mits the use of pres­sure re­lief flaps that are up to 70% smal­ler
+ Viking Design ­Man­ager (addon to Revit) cal­cu­lates the per­fect sys­tem op­tion and solu­tion for every pro­ject

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