Suppression Products

Protect sensitive assets and save valuable floor space with Special Hazard extinguishment products. Whether it's clean agent, an integrated system, or state-of-the-art detection and control, we have the technology and experience to protect your most valuable and sensitive property. Choose a product category below to learn more.

TotalPac® 3 Dual Preaction & Clean Agent System

TotalPac 3
Combined automatic sprinkler and clean agent integrated fire suppression systems ideal for protecting water sensitive hazards such as IT or telecom equipment. A dual agent system provides the highest level of protection for mission critical facilities. Simple and quick installation that reduces costs with compact factory assembled and tested systems.
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VACTEC® Dry & Preaction Vacuum Sprinkler Systems

FireFlex® VACTEC® is a complete FM-approved integrated system that offers unique features and benefits such as corrosion mitigation measures and the elimination of water columns and ice plugs.
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VSH1230 Clean Agent System

Viking VSH1230 with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid will not damage electronics and leaves no residue behind. High safety margins make it extremely safe for people working in protected areas.
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VSH200 Clean Agent System

Safe, proven, and dependable with no residue and low storage volume. The Viking VSH200 system with extinguishing agent FM-200™ is extremely effective and environmentally safe.
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