Modular, Micro/Edge Data Centers

Modular, micro/edge data centers are fully enclosed, self-contained compartments, which house IT/communication equipment that provides real-time autonomous processing of critical data for a wide array of industries.

The configuration may be in the form of a small, unoccupiable equipment enclosure, or may be a much larger, pre-fabricated, occupiable structure having one or more entry/exit doors.

Viking Integrated Safety works with you to develop an effective solution which reliably detects potential events while in the incipient stages of fire development and notifies personnel while initiating automated processes. Using agents safe for the environment and equipment present, the system rapidly extinguishes at the right moment and prevents reignition and spread.

modular data center

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Modular Data Center
  1. Air Sampling VEWFD smoke and gas detection system
  2. Photoelectric spot-type smoke detection
  3. In-Rack smoke detection/extinguishing system
  4. Fire Detection and agent releasing panel
  5. Extinguishing Agent
  6. Notification Appliances
  7. Abort, Manual Release, Lockout Switches

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