Fire Protection for Hyperscale Data Centers

At VIS, our mission is to ensure that your data center runs without unnecessary interruption caused by fire. We offer the most complete line-up of leading technologies trusted by data centers around the world, conveniently accessible anywhere your projects take you. Further, when you choose Viking Integrated Safety, you'll partner with our Global Engineering Support Services Center who will provide, at no cost to the customer, support and necessary resources to help with the design, installation, and maintenance of fire protection systems from beginning to end. Contact us to learn how we can help you get the best fire protection, with a cost-effective solution and rapid deployment.

VIS Hyperscale Data Center Fire Protection Solutions

Hyperscale Data Center
  1. White Space
  2. Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) Galleries
  3. Mechanical Spaces & Chiller Plants
  4. Electrical Rooms
  5. UPS Spaces
  6. Generator Enclosures
  7. Modular Structures
  8. Corridors
  9. Administrative Spaces

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