Modular, Micro/Edge Data Centers

Modular, micro/edge data centers are fully enclosed, self contained compartments, which house IT/communication equipment that provides real-time autonomous processing of critical data for a wide array of industries. The configuration may be in the form of a small, unoccupiable equipment enclosure, or may be a much larger, pre-fabricated, occupiable structure having one or more entry/exit doors.

modular data center

Emergency Power Supply

If a power outage occurs, diesel generators start up automatically, within seconds. While the generators go through a start-up phase, UPS systems deliver power so that operations can continue. Fires caused by generator and fuel supply installations are typically fast, flaming fires, and heat or flame detection are the first considerations. The selection of an extinguishing system for a generator room enclosure depends on factors such as ventilation and cooling, fuel type, fuel storage and the delivery system. Proven extinguishing options include fire sprinklers, AFFF foam sprinklers and clean agent

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