ServersCheck creates sensors to monitor critical facilities. This solution is based on wired & wireless sensors to monitor the environment, power, security & industrial devices in critical facilities — on-premises or Industrial IoT.

As an example, critical infrastructure like modular/edge data centers are always equipped with fire detection and fire suppression systems. However, when a fire is detected it may already be too late. Suppression systems will try to limit damage but early detection is key to threat prevention.

Often the precursors in a fire in critical infrastructure are:
1. Overheating of equipment (the "it feels very hot" phase)
2. Release of gas (the "it smells funny" phase)

With InfraSensing sensors, you could detect critical issues before they result in a catastrophic event like a fire. The sensors do not replace fire safety systems but complement them. The sensor system has to be completed with adequate alerting and mitigation systems to safeguard the infrastructure. Redundant implementation of monitoring is a must in critical infrastructure.

Chronology of a Fire
ServersCheck Platform
  1. Sensors Base Gateway
  2. Communications Add-Ons
  3. Sensor Hubs
  4. Monitoring Appliances
  5. Sensors

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