ServersCheck Infrared Thermal Sensor

A regular temperature sensor provides you with the temperature of the air surrounding the sensor. These thermal camera sensors provide you with the temperature of the objects & equipment it monitors. The world's first SNMP & Modbus (TCP & RTU) thermal camera sensor that tells you the temperature of what it actually sees. From 192 up to 19200 temperature measurement points in one image, analyzed every 2 seconds. Up to 5 thermal camera sensors supported per SensorGateway (BASE-WIRED) with the optional SensorHub (EXP-HUB)




Thermal Image Sensors


— Plugs into and powered by the Sensor Gateway (base unit)
— Can detect IR heat from up to approximately 30m/90ft
— Field Of View (FOV): 50° horizontal - 63.5° vertical
— Reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit
— Available in 4 versions (varying Temp rage, vertical & horizontal FoV, accuracy, max distance)

The sensor connects to a base unit (Sensor Gateway) using a standard network cable. The network cable transmits data and power between the base unit and the sensor. The maximum distance between a sensor and the base unit is 100m/330ft using a CAT6/7 cable (subject to cable quality and interference). Two thermal image sensors per Sensor Gateway are supported.

For industrial applications there is an optional Modbus RTU Add-on which enables to integrate our thermal imaging sensors with your RS-485 control systems.


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