ServersCheck Power Quality Sensor

The power quality sensor connects to a base unit using a standard RJ45 network cable. The nRJ45 type cable transmits data and power from the base unit to the power quality sensor. The sensor comes with a 1.5m / 5ft UL listed 3-pin power cable. The power cable is plugged one end into the sensor and other end into a power socket. The sensor constantly monitors the power for its voltage and total harmonics distortion.


— short and long power failures or interruptions
— voltage swells, spikes or over-voltage
— voltage sags, dips or under-voltage
— harmonic voltage distortions (THD) as per (IEEE 519-2014)
— frequency fluctuations
— voltage sampling rate of every 0.2s (IEEE 519-2014)
— plug & play indoor sensor
— plastic industrial graded enclosure
— certified for 100-240v environments @ 50-60Hz
— OLED display for real time monitoring
— 0u rack, DIN rail or wall mountable sensor
— operates stand-alone with data logging to embedded SD card
— integrates via RJ45 with base unit
— powered by AC current or the base unit
— alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS
— wired or optionally wireless
— integrates over IP using Modbus TCP, SNMP, XML, JSON with other systems
— integrates over RS-485 using Modbus RTU with ICS. Requires optional add-on


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