ServersCheck AC or DC Power Failure Sensor

This power failure sensor enables you to get alerts when the main power goes out. The sensor comes with an external power adapter that is plugged into the main power line. The sensor itself has to be powered by a UPS system so that it still can send alerts in the event of a mains power outage. By default, alerts are sent by the sensor through the base unit via email, SMS, and SNMP Traps. You can also use the sensor to safely shut down your servers in the event of a detected power failure. The sensors are PoE, Modbus and SNMP enabled. The sensor can be queried in real-time by any SNMP-capable network management system such as Tivoli, OpenView, Nagios, MRTG, etc. Using our free simple Perl script, safely shut down your Linux servers when a power failure is detected. On Windows, you can use the free Powershell script to perform a safe shutdown of your Windows servers in the event of a power failure reading from the sensor.

Viking Part Number: PWR-AC-FAIL


— compact plug & play sensor
— designed for indoor use
— steel enclosure
— industrial grade
— AC wall adapter for AC version.
— DC terminal to jack adapter for DC version
— 0u rack, DIN rail or wall mountable sensor
— plugs into the base unit
— powered by the base unit
— alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS
— wired or optionally wireless
— integrates via Modbus TCP, SNMP, JSON with other systems
— integrates over RS-485 using Modbus RTU with ICS (requires optional add-on)


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