ServersCheck Ozone (O₃) Gas Sensor

This ozone O₃ gas digital SNMP & Modbus TCP sensor is designed for detecting and measuring the level of ozone in the ambient air, up to 20ppm.

Viking Part Number: ENV-GAS-O3


— measures ozone gas concentrations up to 20ppm
— resolution: 0.1ppm
— lab calibrated against ozone reference gas
— 2 year life span
— compact plug & play sensor
— designed for indoor use
— steel enclosure
— industrial grade
— 0u rack, DIN rail, magnetic or wall mountable sensor
— plugs into the base unit.
— powered by the base unit
— alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS
— wired or optionally wireless
— integrates via Modbus TCP, SNMP, JSON or optional MQTT
— integrates over RS-485 using Modbus RTU. Requires optional add-on

Application: Partial Discharges (PD) for Medium Voltage Switchgear

A Corona discharge is one of the main causes of medium voltage (MV) switchgear equipment failure, ageing and losses in a stable power system supply. It often goes undetected until the next manual inspection. Besides inspections, companies today rely on electromagnetic and ultrasonic methods to detect PD. Those solutions suffer from interference and high costs.

Less known is that partial discharges resulting from the Corona effect, generating ozone gas. By digitally monitoring ozone gas levels in MV switchgear, PD events can be detected and alerts can be generated to maintenance staff for immediate inspection.


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