ServersCheck AC Current Sensor

This low-cost and non-invasive 100A current sensors enable you to monitor the power usage of your equipment. Simply clip the split core sensor around a power cable and start monitoring power consumption. Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) is done easily. A typical  application of this hall effect sensor is to monitor "dumb" equipment with no intelligence. By monitoring the power usage you are able to know the state equipment is in. For example any equipment that is supposed to be running 24x7 can be monitored by the current drawn. If such equipment normally operates at 80A and runs now at 20A then you know something is wrong. If it returns 0A then you know that the equipment is no longer operating.


— plugs into the base unit
— powered by the base unit
— non-intrusive Plug & Play current sensor
— put clamp around power cable & start monitoring
— designed for equipment up to 100A


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