ServersCheck Multi-Sensor & 4Hub

The unique device is an expansion hub for our sensor gateways, the base unit. The base unit plugs into this device so that you have all in one housing.

Viking Part Number: EXP-4HUB


It comes with the 10 most commonly required sensor metrics for server rooms, MDF/IDF sites & other edge infrastructure sites:
— temperature
— humidity
— dew point
— shock
— sound
— motion
— power failure
— luminosity (light in Lux)
— smoke sensor
— water sensor with cable

Next to the above sensors, the unit features 8 dry contact inputs for legacy sensors and equipment. It also features 4 dry contract outputs allowing you to control 3rd party equipment such as HVAC units, generators, etc.

In addition to those capabilities, the device is a sensor hub: you can expand the device with up to 5 sensors: 4 digital sensors and 1 analog sensor.


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