ServersCheck Industrial Water Leak Location Sensor

Sensor locating where along its cable water has been detected within a 15cm (6 inch) range. Ideal for detecting leaks in mission critical facilities like data centers, power rooms, etc. Learn more with the LIQUID LEAK SENSOR INSTALLATION GUIDE

Viking Part Number: ENV-WLEAK-LOC-COMBO5M Version 4



— detects leaks along its cable with an accuracy of up to 30cm (12 inch)
— can detect multiple leaks at the same time, with location for up to 2 sequential leaks
— 5m/17ft reusable water sensitive cable
— optional cable lengths of up to 50m/150 ft available
— expandable up to 50m/150ft per sensor
— triggers an alert when water touches cable
— IP68 housing: just put it anywhere under your raised floor and let it monitor for you


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