ServersCheck Digital Gas Sensors

This sensor is designed for detecting the presence and level of specific gas concentrations in critical facilities. A sensor is assembled and programmed to detect one of the different gas types we support: C2H4, CH2O, CH3SH, CH4, CL2, CLO2, CO, CO2, ETO, H2, H2S, HCL, HCN, HF, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SO2, or R134a.

No personal computer is required for the sensor to operate once configured. The sensor measures gas in particles per million (ppm).





Gas Types Detected

The sensor connects to the base unit (BASE-WIRED). The base unit is a standalone device that has its own IP address in your network. On its own it will monitor the sensor and trigger alerts via email, SNMP or optional SMS when needed. There is no software or PC required for the sensors to run.

The sensor digitally measures the levels of following airborne gasses:

Gas Formula Range Viking Part #
Ammonia NH₃ 0-5,000 ppm ENV-GAS-NH3
Carbon Dioxide CO₂ 300-10,000 ppm ENV-GAS-CO2
Carbon Monoxide CO 0-1,000 ppm ENV-GAS-CO
Chlorine CL₂ 0-100 ppm ENV-GAS-CL2
Chlorine Dioxide CLO₂ 0-50 ppm ENV-GAS-CLO2
Ethylene C₂H₄ 0-100 ppm ENV-GAS-C2H4
Ethylene Oxide ETO 0-500 ppm ENV-GAS-ETO
Formaldehyde CH₂O 0-10 ppm ENV-GAS-CH2O
Hydrogen (0-100% LEL) H₂ 0-40,000 ppm ENV-GAS-H2
Hydrogen Chloride HCL 0-50 ppm ENV-GAS-HCL
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0-50 ppm ENV-GAS-HCN
Hydrogen Fluoride HF 0-10 ppm ENV-GAS-HF
Hydrogen Sulfide H₂S 0-200 ppm ENV-GAS-H2S
Methane & LNG CH₄ 300-10,000 ppm ENV-GAS-CH4
Methyl Mercaptan CH₃SH 0-10 ppm ENV-GAS-CH3SH
Nitric Oxide NO 0-250 ppm ENV-GAS-NO
Nitric Dioxide NO₂ 0-300 ppm ENV-GAS-NO2
Oxygen O₂ 0-25 % VOL ENV-GAS-O2
Ozone O₃ 0-20 ppm ENV-GAS-O3
Phosphine PH₃ 0-1,000 ppm ENV-GAS-PH4
Propane CH₃SH 300-10,000 ppm ENV-GAS-CH3SH
Sulfur Dioxide SO₂ 0-200 ppm ENV-GAS-SO2
Refrigerants R-134a 5-100 ppm ENV-GAS-R134A

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