DCD Webinar April 2021

Webinar: Protecting the Edge — Pre-Engineered Fire Protection Solutions

Presented April 15, 2021

This webinar was part of the Data Center Dynamics Virtual Event: Building the Edge. Skip to 42:20 to view just the VIS presentation.

With the advent of distributed computing technologies, where the processing of critical data occurs at the edge connecting IOT and people, reliability is essential. Taking into consideration high heat densities present coupled with an abundant source of fuel, and the potential that something can go wrong in these small autonomous structures, fire protection is an essential element of risk mitigation and the concept should be comprehensive to protect assets and continuity of services. Viking’s OneU Active Extinguishing System answers to that need, providing a comprehensive level of protection in a compact package.

Critical Infrastructure Webinar

Webinar: Delivering Dependable Fire Protection Solutions for Prefabricated Critical Infrastructure

Presented October 22, 2020

Complex fire protection challenges demand complete and compliant solutions. That's where we come in. In this webinar, you'll learn about important factors to consider when creating a fire protection plan for prefabricated critical infrastructure. We'll also discuss end-to-end comprehensive pre-engineered solutions that address compliance and business continuity objectives effectively, efficiently, and rapidly.

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