Viking Integrated Safety Introduces Intelligent Video Flame Detectors

The detectors are designed for hazardous environments where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option

(August 3, 2021—Caledonia, MI USA) Viking Integrated Safety (VIS) announced a new series of intelligent video flame detectors, the Viking VSF300 and VSF301. These video flame detectors are specifically designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option. The detectors process live video images to intelligently recognize the characteristic properties of flames optically, by means of FM- and SIL 2-certified flame detection algorithms and an onboard digital signal processor (DSP). The VSF300 & VSF301 detectors feature unrivalled fields of view (FOV) and have superior flame sensitivity, making them highly immune to false alarms, even in the presence of sunlight, rain, fog, and hot objects. The VSF300 detector is designed to detect a 1ft2 (0.1m2 ) hydrocarbon pool fire at up to 197 ft (60m), within a 120° horizontal and 85° vertical FOV, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The VSF300 has a much longer detection range than conventional flame detectors, providing substantial savings in installation costs with fewer detectors for most applications. The VSF301 can detect a 1ft2 (0.1m2 ) hydrocarbon pool fire at up to 144 ft (44m), with a 90° horizontal and 65° vertical FOV.

The VSF301 also features a live color NTSC/PAL video feed for real-time situational awareness. The detector also includes a Micro SD memory card slot for alarm video recording to help in forensic analysis.

“We are pleased to add the Viking VSF video flame detectors to our solution portfolio,” commented Mike Crovo, General Manager of Viking Integrated Safety. “VIS integrates these superior technologies into our wider portfolio, including alarming and suppression systems, to provide comprehensive and integrated fire protection solutions fit for a wide variety of applications, especially in hazardous environments,” added Crovo.

In addition to the VSF video flame detectors, VIS also introduced the VSF303 multi-spectrum infrared (IR) flame detector that quickly detects hydrocarbon fires over a long range, including those not detectable in the visible spectrum. It is the only IR flame detector without an eternal reflector, which can become contaminated by salt, dust, water, snow, or sand causing false alarms. The VSFS303 compliments the VSF301 and VSF300 video flame detectors and is designed for the same environments.

Viking Integrated Safety features a Global Engineering Support Services Center that assists with a client’s design, installation, and maintenance of each fire protection project, from beginning to end. This design support can speed your project to deployment, while ensuring a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Viking VSF Video Flame Detectors