Viking Integrated Safety Introduces Oxeo Inert Gas Extinguishing System  

(December 14, 2022 — Caledonia, MI USA) Viking Integrated Safety (VIS), a division of Viking SupplyNet, announced the immediate availability of the Oxeo Extinguishing System, which uses argon and/or nitrogen to suppress fire threats by rapidly lowering oxygen levels in protected spaces. Oxeo was developed and deployed by Viking parent company Minimax over a decade ago and has seen wide use in European markets. With the growth of critical infrastructure like modular & edge data centers and battery energy storage systems (BESS), Viking is bringing Oxeo to North American markets as a cost-effective way to address fire threats in these vital markets.  

Viking Integrated Safety sees a great need in critical infrastructure applications for compact and efficient methods to mitigate fire threats, especially those that have high energy densities,” commented Mike Crovo, General Manager of VIS. “Oxeo has a demonstrated record of safety and reliability in EU markets, and we believe that the American markets will benefit from Oxeo fire protection,” Crovo added.

By using inert gases such as argon or nitrogen, Oxeo extinguishing systems ensure the oxygen content is reduced in the event of a fire. Argon and nitrogen are natural components of the ambient air and have no harmful impact on the atmosphere. Moreover, the gases are non-toxic and electrically nonconductive, which is ideal for high energy density applications. Versatile in use, argon and/or nitrogen extinguish fires without leaving residue, ensuring facility operation can be restored quickly.

The oxygen-reduced atmosphere is practically harmless for personnel, allowing rapid response to a suppression event. Oxeo will lower the oxygen content in a protected facility to the same level at 8,000 ft. of elevation.  Most fires can be suppressed or vastly reduced at this oxygen level.

Because argon and nitrogen are non-toxic and electrically non-conductive, Oxeo systems are suitable for sensitive areas containing precious assets, sensitive equipment, or for areas that are subject to particularly high availability requirements, such as modular/edge data centers, BESS, and switching rooms. Fire protection with inert gas is also an excellent choice for many industrial environments, for example in machine tools, as well as in logistics centers, especially in hazardous substances storage facilities.