Paint Spray Booth

Integrated Fire Protection for Spray Applications Using Flammable or Combustible Materials

Paint-spray systems typically consist of devices for the preliminary treatment of the vehicles, paint booths with paint robots, cooling zones and drying areas, filter equipment, and various work booths for inspection and repairs. Ventilating and aerating systems ensure the necessary atmospheric environment in the paint-and work booths. Even with the appropriate ventilation, paint-spray systems are, by nature, very hazardous in the event of a fire. VIS has pre-engineered systems and custom design capabilities to quickly protect your system.

VIS Paint Spray Booth Solution

Paint Spray Booth
  1. UniVario FMX5000 IR Flame Detector
  2. UniVario WMX5000 Heat Detector
  3. VFR400 Releasing Control Panel
  4. Suppression Systems
  5. A/V and I/O Appliances

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