Outdoor Strobe Devices

The S/HS-WP Series Outdoor Signals are 24VDC strobes and horn/strobes equipped with a fixed 75 candela strobe.

This series of outdoor signals are available in two different versions. The standard version includes a surface-mount back box (WPBB) to install directly on a wall. The Low Profile (LP) versions includes a low profile back box (WPLPBB) designed to be installed on a flushmounted electrical box. The weatherproof enclosure is made of clear Lexan® which provides maximum visibility and reliability for effective visible signaling, allowing full 75cd output.

Please see technical data for additional information.


• Fixed 75cd strobe
• Includes the WPBB surface-mount (standard) or WPLPBB Low Profile (LP) enclosure
• WPBB/LP made of clear Lexan® - provides maximum visibility and reliability, allowing full 75cd output
• Super-Slide® Bracket – Ease of supervision testing
• Checkmate® - Instant voltage verification
• Synchronize strobe and/or horn with AVSM module
• Switch selection for high/low dBA
• Switch for chime, whoop, mechanical, and 2400Hz tone
• Input terminals accept 18 to 12 AWG
• Switch for continuous or temporal 3 tone (not available on whoop)
• Tamperproof re-entrant grill
• 5 year warranty

Technical Data

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