UniVario WMX5000 FS — High Heat Detector (up to 1544° F)

UniVario WMX5000 FS is a high-temperature detector with a robust decoupled stainless-steel heat sensor.

The WMX5000 FS heat detector is specially designed to work in temperatures of up to 1544° F. Its heat sensor enables simple and flexible installation. A microcontroller monitors the function and analyzes temperature values. With its tough, sealed housing, the WMX5000 FS can be used in all sorts of scenarios. Optimum results are provided even when subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy soiling, and aggressive conditions. The heat sensor comes in different designs. The alarm temperature and response behavior are programmable, making them suitable for a host of applications.


• Heat detector for a wide range of applications in the industrial field with a response temperature of up to 1544 °F (840 °C).
• Microprocessor-controlled monitoring of the heat sensor, software and hardware.
• Early fire detection with low risk of false alarms.
• Application-specific configuration of signal processing.
• Supervising typical disturbance variables using intelligent evaluation algorithms.
• High electromagnetic tolerance.
• Different installation options.
• Protruding heat sensor for flexible installation.
• High degree of protection (IP 67), oil-tight, impact and vibration-resistant.
• Comprehensive service options.


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