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The Viking Integrated Safety Global Engineering Support Services Center (GESSC) provides support and resources to help with the design, installation, and maintenance of fire protection systems from beginning to end. We work with various engineering design tools including CAD, 3D modeling software, and our own calculation software to create design packages that meet code-compliance, budget, application, and bandwidth requirements. Our team provides timely, accurate, and complete solutions for your project needs.

GESSC assists consultants, architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners with system design. Working with our local partners, we provide training processes, and support installation, commission, service, and maintenance operations. With GESSC, you’re sure to find that pre-planning and good design achieve successful and efficient project delivery.

We offer extensive, hands-on experience with a focus on life cycle optimization, simplified facility operation, maintenance, and efficiency. Our focus on multi-trade coordination, improved accuracy, clear documentation, reduced waste, and early decision-making set our services apart. Additionally, we are able to support projects in multiple languages and regions. Choose from supported product lines or custom order desired products to fit your needs.

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