OneU DD Aspirating Smoke Detection System

OneU DD Aspirating Smoke Detector systems provide the same functionalities as OneU Active Extinguishing Systems — without the integrated Novec™ 1230 extinguishing module. The OneU DD has an aspirating system that draws air samples through a piping system consisting of up to five racks and analyzes the air samples for the presence of smoke particles, as well as monitoring and controlling up to four OneU ED extinguishing systems in the event of a fire threat. Alternatively, OneU DD system can also trigger external extinguishing systems.

OneU Brochure

OneU Systems Brochure

Read about the features and benefits of the OneU Active Extinguishing System, OneU DD Smoke Aspirating System, and OneU ED Suppression Module

OneU Assembly and Setup Guide

OneU Online Installation Guide

This online step-by-step guide will assist in assembling and installing a OneU fully integrated fire suppression and detection system, from the tools required, to unblocking your system for service.

OneU Software

OneU Maintenance and Installation Software

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