Control Panels Products

Viking Agent Releasing Control Panels are designed with intelligence, modularity, and flexibility. These panels can be configured with to handle small- to large-scale applications.

Multi-Hazard Release Control Panel


The Viking VFR400 is a microprocessor based multi-hazard releasing control panel for use on pre-action, clean agent systems, deluge, Surefire® and Firecycle® multicycle sprinkler systems. The VFR400 is housed in a steel cabinet with removable door and key lock. Standard is red with black and white trim. The VFR400 Release Control Panel can be used with a wide range of compatible initiating devices, such as spot heat detectors, smoke detectors, and linear heat detectors (10,000 ft. - SAFE-FIRE) or (3,500 ft. - Protectowire).

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RP-2002 Agent Releasing Control Panel


The RP-2002 is a six-zone Agent Releasing Control Panel for single and dual hazard applications. The RP-2002 provides reliable fire detection, signaling and protection for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings requiring clean agent releasing. Designed for agent releasing standards NFPA 12, 12A, 12B, and 2001 with cross-zone capability. Activation of a compatible smoke detector or any normally open fire alarm initiating device will activate audible and visual signaling devices, illuminate an indicator, display alarm information on the panel’s LCD, sound the piezo sounder at the FACP, activate the FACP alarm relay and operate an optional module used to notify a remote station or initiate an auxiliary control function.

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