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Regulatory codes ensure that your most valuable asset – human life – is protected from fire. When it comes time to protect critical infrastructure that is essential to your business, Viking Integrated Safety has the right solutions and most efficient method of delivery.

Statistically, fire is recognized as a significant contributor of non-IT-related outages. Considering the remote nature, criticality, and unique dynamics of modern IT environments, an integrated automatic fire protection system is the first line of defense — to be effective, it must be appropriately chosen, applied and maintained.

Early detection, control and mitigation are crucial to the concept of critical infrastructure fire protection. Using advanced technologies and comprehensive applications, Viking Integrated Safety helps you analyze the hazard, design appropriate solutions, and map out a future plan for inspections and maintenance.


Meet Our Team

Joachim Gensel

Joachim Gensel

With more than 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry, Joachim has held positions as Product Line Manager for Special Hazard Products at the Minimax Viking Group in Europe, as General Manager of Minimax USA and as Director Special Hazard at The Viking Corporation. At Viking Integrated Safety, Joachim helps clients accelerate the adoption and commercial sales of innovative Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression products by advocating and communicating an understanding of the features, advantages and benefits for these complex systems.

Steven Joseph

Steven Joseph

Steven has committed the last 30 years of his career focused on deployment of fire protection solutions for critical infrastructure. He is the of Director Alarm & Detection at Viking Integrated Safety, a leading supplier and solutions provider of advanced fire protection technologies. Throughout his career, Steven has leveraged his experience by participating with various code development committees and he has been instrumental in assisting leading multi-national corporations to develop fire protection practices & standards.

m rajabi

Mohammad Al-Rajabi

Mohammad Al-Rajabi is the General Manager for Viking Integrated Safety Global Design and Services Center which provides technical support and design services for Minimax and Viking products. Mohammad brings with him a wealth of product knowledge and project management experience, with over 27 years of experience in the fire industry with experience crossing a wide range of applications from mission critical infrastructure to industrial while crossing a range of commercial applications as well.

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