Compare Flame Detectors on Performance & Price

Increasing demand and supply-chain issues have impacted the price and availability of some flame detectors. At Viking Integrated Safety we can meet your demand and are confident that are prices will match or beat any competitive offering. Plus, we think our products provide superior performance and reliability. Need more information? 

Comparison of Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detectors

VSF Competition Table

Video Flame Detection

Video flame detection was developed out of a necessity to detect fires on-board offshore oil and gas installations yet did not react to sources of spurious alarms that are responsible for expensive production losses. Today, video flame detection has become commonplace in environments and facilities that cannot afford these false alarm situations.

Viking's Unique Video Flame Detectors 

VSF Video Flame Detectors

Viking Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Holland Smith is our subject matter expert specializing in flame & gas detection and suppression technologies. He brings broad applications and fire protection expertise, with 23+ years in a variety of managerial, engineering & technical, sales, and marketing roles at leading life safety companies like Spectrex (Emerson), Consilium Safety, and The Hiller Companies. Holland would be happy to discuss your needs! Contact Holland at: 

Viking Design Support is a Key Differentiating Value

VIS offers complementary expert design, engineering, and consulting services to ensure your fire protection needs are met quickly & efficiently. Each solution can be custom-tailored for your installation, from design to commissioning to deployment and maintenance. Learn more at Global Engineering Design & Support Services.