UniVario WMX5000 — Heat Detector (up to 221° F)

UniVario WMX5000 is a heat detector with stainless steel heat sensor designed for applications where temperatures are increasing rapidly, such as in the case of highly combustible solids, liquids, and gases. It responds instantaneously to any rapid rise in temperature or as soon as a pre-programmed temperature is exceeded. It offers a number of different installation options, making it suitable for monitoring rooms as well as processes. It has been designed specifically with challenging industrial environments in mind, including indoor and outdoor risks and for potentially hazardous areas.


• Microprocessor-controlled monitoring of the heat sensor, software and hardware.
• Early fire detection with low risk of false alarms.
• Application-specific configuration of signal processing.
• Supervising typical disturbance variables using intelligent evaluation algorithms.
• High electromagnetic tolerance.
• Different installation options.
• High degree of protection (IP 67), oil-tight impact and vibration-resistant.
• Comprehensive service options.
• Stainless steel sensor.


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