VSH200 Clean Agent System

Safe, proven, and dependable with no residue and low storage volume. The Viking VSH200 system with extinguishing agent FM-200™ is extremely effective and environmentally safe. VSH200 rapidly stops ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they can cause significant damage, and can be safely used where people are present. Save in-room floor space with greater design flexibility. The VSH200 advanced delivery 725 psi system allows you to locate tanks away from protected areas, so high-value in-room floor space is no longer needed for tank storage. This high-pressure system delivers the agent in 10 seconds or less from much greater distances.


• World-wide recognized and approved extinguishing agent
• Systems optimized with professional VSH DesignManager™ calculation software
• No extinguishing agent residues, neither corrosive nor electrically conductive
• Rapid extinguishing, extremely safe for occupied areas
• Robust design with low installation and maintenance costs
• Compact and space-saving
• UL/FM approved system
• Higher operating pressures of 725 psi provide greater fill ratios, longer pipe lengths; and smaller pipe diameters
• Available cylinder sizes/nominal fill: 55, 130, 270, 370, and 450 lbs
• Pressures available: 360, 725 psi
• Single- or multi-cylinder systems


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