Multi-Hazard Release Control Panel

The Viking VFR400 is a microprocessor based multi-hazard releasing control panel for use on pre-action, clean agent systems, deluge, Surefire® and Firecycle® multicycle sprinkler systems. The VFR400 is housed in a steel cabinet with removable door and key lock. Standard is red with black and white trim. The VFR400 Release Control Panel can be used with a wide range of compatible initiating devices, such as spot heat detectors, smoke detectors, and linear heat detectors (10,000 ft. - SAFE-FIRE) or (3,500 ft. - Protectowire).


• Multi-Hazard Operation
• Supervised Microprocessor
• 32 Character Alpha-Numeric LCD Display
• Custom Banner Message Text
• Custom Zone Description Text
• On Board Menu Driven Programming Controls
• Releasing Circuits Protected from False Activation
• Four Class B Initiating Circuits
• Two Class B Supervisory Circuits
• Four Class B Output Circuits
• Programmable Cross Zoning
• Continuous or Timed Discharge
• 40 Event History Buffer
• Walktest with Automatic Time-out
• Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory Waterflow Relays
• Optional Class A Output Zone Module
• 21 Standard Programs in Panel Memory
• Password Protection for all Programming
• 24 Hour Clock
• Supervised Remote Annunciator Output up to three (3)
• Auxiliary 24 VDC Power (Constant and Resettable)

Technical Data


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