VACTEC® Dry & Preaction Vacuum Sprinkler Systems

FireFlex® VACTEC® is a complete FM-approved integrated system that offers unique features and benefits such as corrosion mitigation measures and the elimination of water columns and ice plugs. Fully assembled, factory tested, and ready to be connected to the water supply and piping network, the system includes all control valves, a vacuum pump, release control panel and the unique FireFlex® FLX-PC patented Vacuum Pressure Controller which constitutes the heart of the system.


• Factory assembled, programmed, and tested under ISO-9001 standards
• Uses the Viking Model F-1 Straight Through Deluge valve
• Comes standard prewired to the Viking VFR-400 releasing control panel
• Compact, aesthetic, and easy to move
• Neoprene gasket on all doors to eliminate vibrations
• No open-drain cup inside the unit
• Separate unlocked access hatch to emergency manual release
• Serial number on every unit for easy reference
• Inhibits corrosion by removing oxygen and moisture
• Inhibiting atmosphere quickly created as you start the system
• Automatically removes residual water preventing ice plug formations
• Roughness factor of C=120 on dry systems using black pipe possible
• Ensures quick actuation time thru FLX-PC Controller
• Real-time Vacuum Pressure monitoring
• Free calculation software to estimate filling time
• Sprinkler system reliability and performance maintained thru system lifetime
• Use of black steel pipe in dry-pipe systems permitted by FM when using vacuum systems
• Easy on-site reconfiguration
• Low maintenance cost

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