Minimax UniVario Flame & Heat Detection Products

UniVario is the detector for industrial applications, even under the toughest, dirtiest, or dangerous conditions. UniVario® is a platform-based and microprocessor-controlled flame detector that can handle the most demanding conditions. Built into a high-quality cast aluminum housing, the modular design allows for unlimited combinations, and installation is extremely user-friendly.

UniVario FMX5000 IR — Triple InfraRed Flame Detector

UniVario FMX5000 IR is an extremely robust three-channel infrared flame detector with three-way optical test. Despite the disturbance sources typical for industrial applications, the UniVario FMX5000 IR is extremely fast at detecting flames.
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UniVario FMX5000 UV — UltraViolet Spectrum Flame Detector

UniVario FMX5000 UV is a flame detector with spectral responsiveness in the ultraviolet range. The flame detector FMX5000 UV reacts to optical radiation and analyzes specific wavelengths. It is installed wherever open flames are likely to develop quickly.
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UniVario WMX5000 FS — High Heat Detector with Fixed / Flexible Sensor (up to 1544° F)

UniVario WMX5000 FS is a high-temperature detector with a robust decoupled stainless-steel heat sensor. The WMX5000 FS heat detector is specially designed to work in temperatures of up to 1544° F. Its heat sensor enables simple and flexible installation. A microcontroller monitors the function and analyzes temperature values.
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UniVario WMX5000 — Heat Detector (up to 221° F)

UniVario WMX5000 is a heat detector with stainless steel heat sensor. The WMX5000 is designed to detect open fires where temperature is increasing rapidly, such as in the case of highly combustible solids, liquids, and gases. It responds instantaneously to any rapid rise in temperature or as soon as a pre-programmed temperature is exceeded.
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UniVario YMX5000 — Flame Detector with Remote Self-Monitoring Sensors

The modular UniVario YMX5000 detector system consists of a control unit with three connectors and remote sensor units for fast flame detection. The system meets the individual requirements of a wide range of applications. It is ideally suited for limited installation space in harsh industrial environments.
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