ServersCheck Sensor Hub

Expands the base unit from 2 to 8 ports & adds control capabilities.

— powered by the base unit — plug & play
— 4 dry contact inputs for 3rd party systems
— 2 dry & 2 relay outputs for automatic control
— max 1 expansion hub per base unit

Viking Part Number: EXP-8HUB

The Sensor Hub Explained

By default the Sensor Gateway can host up to 2 external sensor probes. In some cases 2 sensor probes may be insufficient. This is where the Sensor Hub comes in.

Similar as a USB Hub, the Sensor hub allows to expand the number external probes which can be connected to a Sensor Gateway. The Sensor Hub connects through the included RJ45 cables to the Sensor Gateway and increases the monitoring capabilities from 2 external sensor probes to 8 sensors. On top of the 8 ports, the Sensor hub features 4 dry contact inputs, 2 dry contact outputs and 2 relay outputs.

The 4 dry contact inputs allow you to connect any dry contact sensor like motion, smoke, door contact or any legacy equipment featuring a dry contact output. The alert on the dry contacts can be set at an OPEN or CLOSE state.

With the Sensor Gateway and Sensor Hub you can not only monitor and alert on sensor values but also take actions. For example when a temperature alert is triggered, you could kick start a back up air conditioning unit.


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