ServersCheck Cellular Communications (LTE/3G/2G) Add-On

The module sends the alerts over the cell phone network either in a primary or backup mode. In a backup mode it will send over the regular TCP/IP network and only use the cell phone network when the IP network fails. Alternatively the module can run in primary mode. In this mode all alerts are sent over the cellular network. Using the module enables you to get alerts even when your main network is down.

Viking Part Number: ADDON-LTE


— Plugs into the base unit like a sensor
— Global LTE Cat 4
— Global 3G operation
— Global 2G operation
— SMS alerting via GSM modem
— IoT Gateway: JSON Push over HTTPS
— Approved for AT&T, Sprint and others
— Ultra low power
— Mobile alerting as primary or back-up mode
— Dual SIM for high availability*
— Optional: positioning via built-in GPS**
— Requires micro SIM card
— 0U rack mountable
— DIN Rail mountable with optional DIN Clips

Requires 1 free sensor port and a Sensor Gateway (BASE-WIRED) with firmware 8.2 or higher.


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