ServersCheck Products

ServersCheck innovative solutions are designed to monitor critical facilities. The solution is based on wired & wireless sensors to monitor the environment, power, security & industrial devices in critical facilities — on-premises or Industrial IoT.

ServersCheck Base Gateway

ServersCheck Sensor Gateway

The Sensor Gateway serves as the base unit for the ServersCheck solution with built-in alerting features, and includes stand-alone IP-based temperature sensor.

Viking Part Number: BASE-WIRED

Base Gateway Connectivity

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ServersCheck InfraSensing Sensors

These industrial-strength sensors are specifically designed to monitor critical infrastructure on-premises or remotely. We offer 50+ plug & play smart sensors to monitor the environment, atmosphere, security, power, and more. The sensors can be wired to the base unit (or a hub), or connected wirelessly to the base unit for a distance of up to 1.2 miles (2km).  

Gas Sensors:

Environmental Sensors:

Power Sensors:

Industrial Contact Sensors:

Temperature & Humidity Sensors:

Fuel & Water Sensors:

Smoke & Dust Sensors:

Security Sensors:

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ServersCheck Monitoring Appliances

ServersCheck Appliances

Monitoring Appliances enable you to log, monitor and alert on data from your equipment and sensors right at the edge. With the optional Cellular capability it can alert you anytime, anywhere and everywhere: email, SMS or Slack. Get alerts even when your network is down. Collected data can be normalized, aggregated or directly sent to the Cloud of your choice: AWS, GCloud, Azure or any other. Using 3rd party analytic platforms you can then monitor all your edges from one single platform. The Monitoring Appliances run on a Windows 10 Enterprise IoT platform. Unlike other appliances, you have full administrator access to the Windows 10 hosting the software. This way you can harden, secure and integrate it into your network matching your needs.

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ServersCheck Sensor Base Gateway Add-Ons

ServersCheck Add-Ons

With these optional Add-On Modules to the Base Gateway (Part: BASE-WIRED), customers can add various network and power connectivity options to the base units.

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ServersCheck Sensor Hubs

ServersCheck Hubs

By default the base unit supports up to 2 additional wired sensors. If you want to add more than 2 sensors to a base unit, then the expansion modules below enable you to extend it to 4 sensors (MultiSensor & Hub), 8 sensors (Sensor Hub). Only one (1) expansion hub per base unit (Sensor Gateway) is supported.

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