Fire Protection Solutions for Critical Equipment Enclosures

When electricity fails completely, power is delivered via an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) until the emergency standby system is active. UPS systems are usually located in autonomous enclosures and walk-in units, as well as dedicateduse rooms or buildings and include batteries, electrical switch gear, and inverters. Overload or a short circuit of electrical appliances can lead to a fire. If detected in an early phase, power can be disconnected partially and a gaseous agent extinguishing system activated.


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Modular Data Center
  1. Air Sampling VEWFD smoke and gas detection system
  2. Photoelectric spot-type smoke detection
  3. In-Rack smoke detection/extinguishing system
  4. Fire Detection and agent releasing panel
  5. Extinguishing Agent
  6. Notification Appliances
  7. Abort, Manual Release, Lockout Switches

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